Virtual Art Gallery

Welcome to the Mossflower Academy art gallery!

Art Gallery

Calling all Mossflower Academy artists ages 4-18!

We will be accepting submissions for our Summer 2022 collection until May 31, 2022


Would you like to see your artwork in a live virtual gallery? Submit your artwork into one of the following categories. Our theme for Summer 2022 is:



Do you enjoy drawing your favorite characters? Share them with us and show off your amazing art skills by submitting your work to our art gallery! 

Get creative with your fan art: what would your favorite character order at Starbucks? What if they were in a rock band, or had a pet? You could also try recreating this character in a different medium; for example, instead of a digital cartoon of Sonic the Hedgehog, maybe paint him as if he was the Mona Lisa, or among Monet's Waterlilies

If you would like to submit a piece to our collection, please be aware of the following guidelines. Due to the limited number of pieces that we can include on the gallery walls, not all submissions will be selected for the final gallery. Ms. Astrid & our volunteer gallery crew will determine the final curation based on how closely these instructions are followed, so please read all details!


(Note: art submissions that are not selected for the exhibit will be included in a digital magazine, and will be welcome to participate in all future exhibitions.)

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Submission Guidelines and Requirements:

  • All media is eligible for consideration: all visual arts, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and digital art. We are open to seeing other mediums as well. We are open to many different styles and formats and thinking and creating outside of the box.

  • Submissions must be made online via our submission form. All required fields MUST be completed. Your artwork can be scanned in or you can take a photograph and submit a high quality jpg image. 

  • Submission deadline is May 31, 2022, with artists being contacted by June 15th. Gallery goes live to the public by June 20th.

  • Your upload must accompany online payment of $1 (USD) or will not be recognized. This small fee is applied toward the cost of purchasing access to the custom virtual exhibition website. It is a non-refundable fee and no changes of images can be made after you submit without another entry fee.

  • Your submissions do not guarantee inclusion into a show or gallery. The decision to accept entries is based solely on the overall collection being curated in the gallery. However, any submissions not selected for the gallery will be included in our free digital magazine. The virtual exhibit will be published and accessible online for 3 months.

  • Artists may choose to submit as many pieces as they like, into multiple categories that apply, but they must be separate entries, each with a separate $1 fee. For examples, you may enter a piece in the Traditional Arts categories for your age group as well as another piece for the Digital Arts category. The total fee would be $2. 

  • Submission image size: Uploads should be a JPG file only, with a maximum size of 10 MB. If the image is too large it will be resized, but the quality may be affected. This may result in the submission being pulled from the gallery selection. You are encouraged to sign your work (if desired). 

  • Important!! Your files should be renamed as follows:  First name Last name_Title of the piece.jpg, making sure that underscores go between your name and the name of the piece (i.e. Pablo Picasso_The Old Guitarist.JPG). Please rename your image before uploading it to the submission form.

  • All entrants grant Mossflower Academy the right to use or publish images of their work to promote the art exhibits, future call for entries or videos. While in general, Mossflower Academy only advertises to confirmed, private JW groups and forums, be aware that all accepted entries can be placed on this website or blog and other social media sites that are publicly visible.

  •  Copyright info: in the case of fan art there is no restriction on using copyrighted characters as our gallery is considered non-commercial and not-for-profit. However, if your medium is photography and you are using a model (for example, if your submission is a cosplay DIY), you must have obtained written permission of any people featured in the entries and/or their parents/guardians if children under 18 are featured. Artist is fully responsible to obtain all model or property releases.

Submit Your Artwork

Jr. Artists

Artists ages 4-6

Up to 10 gallery submissions will be displayed. Traditional and digital art, any medium.


High School Artists

Artists ages 14-18

Up to 10 gallery submissions will be displayed. Traditional and digital art, any medium.


Elementary Artists

Artists ages 7-10

Up to 10 gallery submissions will be displayed. Traditional and digital art, any medium.



All ages. Up to 10 gallery submissions will be displayed. Cosplay submissions should be a clear, professional photograph and can be edited with filters and backgrounds. 50% of the costume should be handmade or DIY.


Tween & Teen Artists

Artists ages 11-13

Up to 10 gallery submissions will be displayed. Traditional and digital art, any medium.


Gallery Crew

If you are interested in volunteering 1-2 hours/week for 2-3 weeks and are at least 10 years of age or older, you are welcome to "intern" at the gallery to assist in designing the art space and digital magazine. 

Submission Deadline:

We will be accepting submissions for our Summer 2022 collection until May 31, 2022

Eligible artists will be notified by June 15th whether their artwork has been selected for the gallery and/or the virtual magazine. Notification is sent via email, so stay tuned!

Gallery will go LIVE on June 20th!