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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I enroll in classes?
    First, please create a new member account. From your Account dashboard you will be able to keep track of your learner's schedule, payments, files and more. Create a new account by selecting the "Log In" button on the top right-hand side of the page. Sign in using your preferred method and complete the prompts to create your account. Once that is completed, visit the "Book Online" page to book the classes of your choice.
  • How does payment work?
    We accept credit cards using Stripe payment, a secure transaction that is safe and reliable. You can also choose to pay via PayPal if you prefer. For any other preferred payment methods, please contact us directly at
  • How do we attend the live classes?
    Our live classes will meet via Zoom Video Conferencing. To access the meeting, log into the website with your account. Click on the top right-hand menu and select "My Schedule". Click on the upcoming class and you will see the Zoom meeting link. Join the meeting and you're in! Zoom links are also provided to you via email when you enroll, so feel free to use the link in the email to join as well. Our meetings are secure and implement a "waiting room" feature, ensuring that ONLY verified, enrolled learners are allowed into the classroom. After class ends, the meeting is closed and students do not have access to the meeting room without the teacher present.
  • How do subscription classes work?
    Our weekly ongoing classes are paid per session, meaning that you only pay one week at a time. This is helpful for anyone on a budget and/or families that require a more flexible setup. Paying on a weekly basis will mean that you will need to book each session individually. If you forget to book a week and someone else takes that slot, you will no longer have that space in class. You are welcome to join the waitlist in case someone else drops out. If you prefer, you can also choose to pay for 4 weeks upfront via the monthly plan option. You will see this as an option during checkout and on the homepage under the "More" menu. This option will allow you to pay for one month in advance, holding your spot for those 4 sessions. This is a great option if you don't want to remember to re-enroll every week.
  • What if we miss a class that we paid for?
    We all know that our time is valuable, and the teacher has arranged their time to instruct our learners at the scheduled hour. Do your best to be on time and provide advance notice if you know you will miss class. While you are not entitled to a refund for an absence, you are welcome to contact us to discuss any extenuating circumstances.
  • What is the refund or cancellation policy for live classes?
    You can cancel a class with 48-hour notice and expect to receive a full refund. Last-minute cancellations and/or missed classes are not refunded. Booking a monthly slot holds your spot in class and prevents another potential learner from booking that open seat. If you booked a class within 24 hours of the class start time, you are also eligible for a full refund. Please allow 1-3 business days for refunds to be processed and credited back to your payment method. Please contact me if you have extenuating circumstances and would like to request an exception to this policy. If a teacher needs to cancel or reschedule a class for any reason, you will be given at least 24-hour notice, and will have to option to accept any rescheduled make-up dates, or receive a full refund for the affected session(s). If the teacher is experiencing an emergency that requires class to be canceled or rescheduled, all payments for the affected session(s) will be refunded in full.
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