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My name is Astrid Turner and I am excited to meet you! 

Here's a little bit about me and my teaching style: My family and I live in Arkansas, U.S.A. I am an unschooling mom of three, certified dance instructor and professional artist. I have been a virtual teacher on Outschool, Inc. since 2017, where I continue to offer classes to children worldwide. I offer private, limited classes on this website and hope to expand my offerings to include other teachers and educational experiences.

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My Story

My husband and I are originally from Southern California but relocated to several locations throughout the United States until we finally settled in NW Arkansas, USA. We are active & devout Jehovah's Witnesses and have both served as regular pioneers in the past. We decided to homeschool our three children from the very beginning, so they have never been in public school. I always knew that I would homeschool my children, but I didn't know how. After much prayer and research, I decided to trust my guy and go with unschooling. My core belief is that children are natural learners; we adults can facilitate that natural desire by encouraging child-led and interest-led learning. We do not issue grades and I do not believe that testing is an accurate representation of gained knowledge, skills or talents. Instead, as an educator I focus on passion, self-confidence, encouragement and self-motivation.

As a local homeschooling parent, I have always taken the lead in offering opportunities for my kids and their friends. Over the years I have hosted many local workshops and co-ops, including a non-profit dance program that I created for homeschooling families in my area. I teach ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz and modern dance. I also teach dance history classes. As a professional artist I have owned my own artisan business since 2012. I am a professional dye artist, painter and seamstress. I specialize in classes that focus on self-expression and natural discussions that cross topics. 

An avid art fan and museum-goer, I am passionate about teaching art history, specifically modern and contemporary art movements, and I teach these subjects from an inclusive, objective point of view. Many of my classes are designed to expose young artists to new art styles and techniques and I implement Visual Thinking Strategies, which educates children on how to critique and discuss art. My classes feature well-known artists and techniques that expose young artists to new art styles and ideas. I believe that every child is an artist in their own way, and that by exposing them to different art styles and mediums, they can find their own way to create! 

My style of teaching Shakespeare is to first discuss the overall plot from a live theater perspective: audience, backstage crew, actor, director. I believe it is important to immerse oneself into the culture of the time, which is why I also teach an Elizabethan history that incorporates crafting, bookbinding, script reading and even an edible trifle! 

In my Painting Poetry classes, I feature classic, contemporary, international and indigenous poets, explaining historical context and relevant facts about the poet. Learners openly discuss and share their opinions and viewpoints as we then paint a scene inspired by the poem and add it to our poetry journals.  I have recently attended professional development training seminars on cultural representation, appropriation and non-biased instruction in the art world, so this is something that I incorporate in all of my history classes.


It is my hope that I can enrich your child's education by offering them a chance to try different mediums, explore the diverse and wonderful planet that we enjoy, and empower them to love the learning journey that will continue throughout their lifetime. 

I look forward to meeting you in class!


Please let me know if you have any questions! 

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