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FREE Interactive Bible Program

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The presentation is made available for FREE to Mossflower Academy members and friends. Please do notredistribute this lesson; if you would like to share the lesson with your local congregation friends, please link them to this page instead, where they can access and download. This lesson is for personal use ONLY. It is NOT to be sold; lessons and clipart are not for commercial use. 

Please review the Terms of Use of for more information on how the information from the links provided in these lessons can be used.

Download a FREE interactive Bitmoji classroom preloaded with links to the full Online Bible Lessons course and interactive Bible course for the brochure, Enjoy Life Forever!

This free slideshow is an interactive classroom that allows you to schedule daily Bible study and activities for your child. All they need to do is click on the images on the screen and it will link them to When they finish the daily lesson there is a video, music activity and a Bible Teachings lesson added as supplemental activities. 

Not only is this a great way to teach your child to study independently, but it will also allow your child to navigate and see all of the materials and media that is available there! 

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FREE Printable Meeting Worksheets

Join the Facebook group Study & Coloring Worksheets for FREE printables uploaded every week for both the Our Christian Life & Ministry & Watchtower study! Available in English only.

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